Amran Shrine Temple

Stated Meetings:
4th Wednesday of the Month
Social Hour 5:30-6:30
Dinner at 6:30 PM
Meeting at 7:00 PM
No meeting in June, July, November
Election of Officers on 2nd Wednesday in December


Amran Temple has earned Gold status for membership for the 2016 year and entered the Membership Hall of Fame. Thank you to all Nobles who continue to strive to make dreams a reality.

Amran Shriners Divan

Amran Potentate
Ill. Sir Thomas Stephenson, Sr.
Amran Chief Rabban
Chief Rabban
David Oates
Amran Assistant Rabban
Assistant Rabban
Scott Lackey
Amran High Priest and Prophet
High Priest & Prophet
Michael Gubernick
Amran Oriental Guide
Oriental Guide
Kyle Carlson
Amran Treasurer
Larry Parker
Amran Recorder
Ill. Sir Ray Fields, P.P.

Appointed Officers

Amran Temple Director
Temple Director
Robert Way
Amran Chief Aide
Chief Aide
Kyle Carlson
Amran Chaplain
Don Kehler
Amran Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies
Jim Crawford
Amran Relationship Chairman Amran Public Relations
Public Relations
Isaiah Facemire
Amran Photographer
Kristen Carlson
Amran Webmaster
Amran Website
Don Butto
Amran Editor
Amran Potentates Aide
Potentate's Aide
Tommy Stephenson
Amran Potentates Aide
Potentate's Aide
Jerry Letterman
Amran Potentates Aide
Potentate's Aide
David Conley
Amran Potentates Aide
Potentate's Aide
Randy Newman
Amran Appointed Divan
Potentate's Aide
Steve Owen

Committee Chairmen:

Amran Appointed Divan
Ill. Sir Sam Vaughan, P.P.
Amran Appointed Divan
Donald Long
Amran Appointed Divan
Ill. Sir Donald Slaughter, P.P.
Amran Shrine Bowl
Shrine Bowl
Ill. Sir Alvin Billings, P.P.
Amran Hospital Board member
Hospital Board
Bob Hoblit


Amran Trustee Alamance, Stokes, Rockingham

Keith Whited

Amran Trustee Chatham and Lee County

Chatham/Lee County
Bill Carty

Amran Trustee Durham County

Durham County
Steve Christian

Amran Trustee Granville County

Granville County
Randy Newman

Amran Trustee Orange County

Orange County
Turner Lawrence

Amran Trustee Person and Caswell County

Person/Caswell County
Ill. Sir Harvey Ellis, P.P.

Amran Trustee Vance County

Vance County
Ill. Sir Ray Fields, P.P.

Amran Trustee Wake County

Wake County
Ill. Sir Wayne Brooks, P.P.

Past Potentates