Amran Shriners in Raleigh North Carolina
Stated Meetings:
4th Wednesday of the Month
Social Hour 5:30-6:30
Dinner at 6:30 PM
Meeting at 7:00 PM
No meeting in June, July, November
Election of Officers on 2nd Wednesday in December


Amran Temple has earned Gold status for membership for the 2016 year and entered the Membership Hall of Fame. Thank you to all Nobles who continue to strive to make dreams a reality.

Who May Become A Freemason

Not every man can fulfill the requirements that Freemasonry asks of its aspirants.

The primary requirement is, of course, a sound moral character. One whose reputation in the Community is in any way questionable, cannot expect to become a Mason.

But there are other requirements which the petitioner must have, such as:

  • He must be a believer in God, The Supreme Being.
  • He must be a loyal citizen, willing to discharge his duties to God, to his neighbour and to himself.
  • He must be at least eighteen years of age in the Grand Jurisdiction of Maryland.
  • He must be in such financial circumstances that he can maintain himself as a Member of his Lodge, meeting the monetary obligations imposed by being a member, without detriment to his family or himself.

A potential Freemason, like Masons in all ages before, comes of his own free will and accord to knock at the door of the Craft. You must ask for a petition! Two Brethren are then requested to recommend; indeed they have to vouch for the prospects character and sincerity of motives. In a very real sense they are Masonic sponsors and have the responsibility of seeing that they and others who have accepted their assurances will not be disappointed.